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We Make Being Social Strategic.

Unifying your social media channels through visual cohesiveness, stellar content, and strategic outreach not only creates followers and engagement but also evolves into a valuable media asset.

Think about this analogy - a platform is something you stand on to see and be seen. Media tools are the platform you stand on so that you can stand out from the crowd, project your voice, and move people to action. 

A vital part of brand building is creating communities where your audience can engage with you and each other authentically, creating gateways to your products and events.


TGC unifies the look, feel, content, and links for all social media platforms. We then focus on continuous audience growth across each platform with consistent engagement through reviews and purchases.


Across All Platforms You Can Count On Us For:

  • Set-up all the accounts with a distinct design and direction

  • Optimize the keyword and linking strategy

  • Manage the connections

  • Create unique content and post regularly

  • Implement engagement promotions for consumer participation 

  • Design and development of quote memes – text/image

  • Development of brand shareable – image/photo/text

  • Polishing and Posting :60 video clips provided

  • Management of direct correspondence and comments

  • Manage media ad spends

  • Track and report on analytics

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